Stress Relaxation Techniques - Bring About the Changes You Need With Self Healing Meditation!

In modern times we have to cope with increasing levels of stress. Work, family and financial pressures can lead to a build up of stress levels in even the seemingly calmest of individuals. Self healing meditation is a primary way to handle such stress. Self healing gives you the ability to make your mind and soul able to handle stressful situations.

Self healing meditation can be of benefit if you have, or are recovering from, stress, depression or any other kind of similar condition. Both self motivation and positive thinking play key roles. The deep meditative state you experience can help in improving your overall health, including your immune system.

Your mind and physical body are inextricably linked. Therefore, negative thoughts and feelings create negative physical effects on your body. Conversely, as simple as it may sound, positive thoughts impact your physical body in a positive way. Self healing meditation teaches you to focus on positive thoughts to create the overall positive effect on your body. Such feelings of positivity can be enormously difficult to attain in your conscious mind, especially when you are already experiencing stress or depressive tendencies. Meditation, however, is the way to access positive feelings through your subconscious mind.

During times of anxiety, harmful hormones are produced that impact your physical body. The positive meditative state brought about by self healing will encourage restoration of your physical body. Even when physical conditions exist, the positive thoughts brought about through meditation can lessen the real pain you feel - therapeutic effects are felt. This can help you cope much better with a physical medical condition which had previously impacted the quality of your life.

Self healing can also help you overcome addictions too, such as smoking or excessive reliance on alcohol. Whilst in a subconscious state, brought about by meditation, the mind leads you to follow a specific, and healthier, pattern. Self healing meditation stands out amongst stress relaxation techniques as one that can be used to treat many kinds of medical problems. These include back pain and hypertension, as well as stress related conditions.

If you can learn to combine the positive energy brought about by self healing meditation, with your own inner will to make improvements to your condition and circumstances, it certainly is more than possible to discover a whole new, and surprising, lease of life. With such a wide range of benefits, it is not surprising that self healing meditation is one of the most popular stress relaxation techniques today.

Being in the Void (During the Healing Process)

The Void is a very difficult place to be during the healing process. It is the place where you feel connected to nothing, where you don't know who you are anymore, where you can feel alone and confused. Sound familiar? This is a crucial time because it's very easy to want to run for cover behind old patterns and ways of being.

It doesn't usually last that long, but if you don't know what is going on, you will be scared. During this time, it is important to use all of your spiritual practices, whatever they may be. It is the time to pray, meditate, exercise, rest, read, journal, sleep, watch movies or whatever else keeps you on track.

When in the Void, it is important to shield your energy. You are very vulnerable right now. You are not connected to the old parts of you that may help protect you right now, and you are not yet fully rooted in the new parts of you where your confidence and strength will be present. You are like a snake shedding old skin while sitting out in the sun on a nice warm day... irritable, testy, and ready to lash out at anyone who crosses your path! The Void presents a wonderful time to retreat.

Know that whatever feelings may be coming up for you in the Void are old, so that is also why it can feel so disconcerting. You may think, why is this coming up? I thought I had already worked through this. This feels old to me. Yes, it is! So don't attach to those feelings or try to control them. Just allow them to release and give yourself as much loving kindness as possible. The less you resist, the quicker and smoother the transition.

Trust your own inner guidance as to what will help you during this time. Don't judge what you are feeling guided to do. You may be guided to try something that you never thought about trying before that will fill your soul with light and peace. Trust that you are being surrounded with love and support during these times. This too shall pass!

Meditation - Back Pain Relief

Meditation is a well regarded practice that can have positive effects on your health and well being. This also extends to the relief of pain and including back and neck pain.

Meditation further can be used to treat a wide range of problems including:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Addictive behaviors such as drug, alcohol and nicotine use
  • Menopause
  • Other body pain
There are different methods of meditation, which generally involve sitting or laying in a quiet location, controlled breathing and focusing the mind towards a purpose either directly or indirectly. Mediation can be practiced starting from 15 minutes onwards. It can be done in the comfort of your own home using music or guided conversation.

Meditation starts with relaxing the mind and body and can eventually lead to being a tool to effective pain relief.

Studies show that chronic back pain suffers have significantly improved pain and psychological distress after practicing a form of meditation. Meditation not only relaxes the body and helps patients manage pain, but that it can also improve the brain's response to pain.

Modern science refers to treatment of pain including Back Pain Relief as needing to adopt a mind body approach, or in other words using the mind and it's focus to heal.

Meditation can be used in combination with other back pain relief techniques.

Meditation can be practiced by starting with a meditation CD, or alternatively a beginners course that will teach you more about meditation.

Meditation should be considered along with other treatments to assist in Back Pain Relief.

Healing Meditation

Healing meditation is a special meditation technique to cultivate peace and calm in your body, mind and soul. Practicing healing meditation helps everyone to overcome various stresses in their daily lives. Based on the ancient techniques of Buddhist meditation practices, it fosters peace of mind, concentration, increased self awareness, higher consciousness, enhanced creativity and spiritual development. This kind of meditation is highly useful for those suffering from some sort of emotional or physical pain.

Healing meditation is easy to practice and it can be done simply by oneself without instructions. Everyone can derive good health and well-being through proper healing meditation. You can practice it by simply lying down on a carpeted surface or sitting comfortably in a back supported chair. You should begin by relaxing your body by taking several conscious, deep breaths. Focus your attention on your breath going into and out of your body. Stretch the muscles on your face and then relax them. Visualize all of the lines and tight areas of your face. Keep visualizing that tension is lifting from your face. Continue and apply this exercise through your whole body, from tip to toe. It is should be reminded that you should concentrate on one area at a time.

Healing meditation counteracts toxins and negative energy in your cells. It generates a positive stance by bringing the body, mind and spirit into peaceful harmony. It also reduces negative thinking which harms the person.

A conscious, regular, deep healing meditation heals your body and mind and transforms your life into a state of balance and harmony. If you practice this meditation throughout your life, you will find that you possess the solutions to all your problems.

Meditation Benefits for Children

Children nowadays are not exempted in the devastating attack of stress. Children are, more often than not, exposed to bullying, troubles in school like loaded assignments and projects, classmates and teachers also, as well as even at home when they see that family members are not at peace, especially in the advent of a divorce or any form of separation.

Nonetheless, other simple situations like their lollipop has dropped to the floor, or if they accidentally broke a vase, teasing, or if they loss their pencils are also stressful to these kids. Nonetheless, these circumstances may appear okay to us, adults, but for them it may feel like it is the end of the world. It is therefore important, especially for parents, to get to know their children and what makes them feel distressed, thereby avoidance of such may still be imminent.

Meditation, on the other hand, has been proven to oppose the disturbing occurrence of stress and its upsetting effects. Meditation benefits are also considered helpful to children; thereby application of such in the lives of the kids will help them get through life in a happier and healthier manner. Although in dealing with kids, meditation techniques should suit their age. Many recommend having these meditation exercises be introduced to children when they reach the age of three. These meditation exercises should be done during the most comfortable time - the time when they are not too tired and not too preoccupied with some other activities. Bedtime may be a good time, depending if the child still has the energy to do meditation for a few minutes, otherwise your kid may sleep during the exercise.

Meditation benefits for children may include good development of memory and the ability to focus or concentrate, which may be helpful especially with their studies and field of interest. Parents may practice such meditation exercises not only to help their children lead a stress-free life, but also a chance for these children to focus on their selves.

This is very important as growing children should learn to value their selves as an individual who is part of a family or a community but separate from them in some ways. Moreover, appreciation from other people may be essential, but the appreciation of oneself is very important to give them the confidence that they need now and in the future. In addition, meditation may help children relax, free from the worries brought about by school and other activities, thus making them feel happier and comfortable.

Meditation - Slowing Down the Monkey Brain

One of the biggest hurdles some people experience when they begin to meditate is "quieting the mind". Yet for those who have yet to master their ability to focus, "quieting the mind" is easier said than done. But as the old adage goes, "Where there's a will there's a way", and I found it!

Here are some simple tips to help you "quiet the mind" as you sit down for meditation.

  • Before you sit down to meditate set the intent that you want to enjoy your meditation and have the expectation that your mind will cooperate. Tell yourself, "I can feel my mind slowing down in anticipation of the meditation." See yourself in your mind's eye being relaxed in your meditation. Also, check your breathing. Close your right nostril and see if you can breathe clearly through your left. If you can, you're in a more receptive state for meditation. If you're breathing stronger through your right nostril, you may want to wait until you're out of this more "active" mode.
  • Don't just plop yourself down and expect to go right into stillness. I'm sure there are some who can but for the person with the "monkey brain" easing into that stillness is the order of the day.
  • Find a quiet room and a comfortable chair; clear your energetic field of anything that is not there for your highest good and your highest love.
  • Before entering into the actual meditation listen to a beautiful song or two that puts you into a sacred or peaceful frame of mind. Pay careful attention to the words in the song. Allow your mind to focus on the words.
  • Select a medium-paced song /sound as background for the first part of your meditation. Hemi-Synch vibrations work great for this as do many Reiki or other healing meditation CD's.
  • Start your meditation by counting to match the rhythm of your thoughts. It can even help to do this aloud until you feel that you are becoming more focused. If your mind is racing, let your counting race as well. If needs be, count as fast as you can, exhaust yourself. Think of it as the mental version of running at full speed. You can only go so far before you start to slow down.
  • Don't try to deep breathe yet; just pay attention to your counting and the pace at which it is going and eventually you'll experience the two becoming as one and then the breath will automatically join in as well. In other words, allow the mind and body to find its own rhythm. It will. This is the meditative version of "pace and lead".
  • Now that your breath, thoughts and counting have become uniform deliberately start to slow your counting down. Don't try to do it too fast too soon; just allow it to happen. Think of yourself getting sleepy and feel your body dropping.
  • As you continue to count, see yourself breathing the numbers to life one at a time...visualize the number being created by your breath from a tiny dot, see it shape into the number that it is as if you were blowing up a baloon, then watch it blow away like a wispy ghost by the wind that is your exhale.
  • Repeat in your mind, exaggerating the slow down with each repetition, "Everything is slowing down (breath)...slowing down (breath)...slowing down (breath)."
  • Also, keep in mind that you don't have to empty your mind, just focus it. Observe your thoughts and keep your attention focused on your third eye.

This whole process can take about fifteen minutes or so but don't get too attached to the time allotment. Above all remember that any technique you choose to use should feel natural and make for less of a struggle over time, but it is the discipline of practice that will make all the difference.

Quantum Physics - Healing Meditation Middle Pillar

Healing Middle Pillar

The laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. You are energy. I am energy, the planet, Solar system, Galaxy and Universe are all energies. All these energies are contained in the timeless, space-less, infinite point called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. God is energy and within this mind are divine blueprints for man, planets, galaxies etc. Everything that is, was or will be exists in the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean as a Divine Energy blueprint or Matrix. There is a Divine Blueprint for Man's perfect Health. As long as we understand our individual Divine blueprints called our physical, mental and emotional bodies, we will remain healthy. But when we deviate from this by replacing Divine Blueprints with man-made blueprints, illness, sickness or Dis-ease occurs. The ancients knew that man was not his physical body, nor his thoughts, nor his feelings. He is a Soul that creates his own physical, mental and emotional bodies.

There is a specific Divine Blueprint for the healthy functioning of every one of us. The Eastern Seers called these non-physical structures within the human body, the Chakras. They also knew that any physical, mental or emotional problems you may have are caused by a blockage of energy, Chi, Prana or Life force in any of these Chakras. As long as you kept these Chakras unblocked and flowing with life force, you will remain healthy. Any blockages caused by negative thoughts, feelings or actions will either stop or slow down the energy flow. Therefore one of the keys to perfect health is the continuous flow of life force through your Chakra system. The Middle Pillar meditation is one of the most powerful healing devices you can use to attain and maintain health. It is cumulative and only takes about ½ hour every morning. That is a small enough price to pay to maintain good health. The Middle Pillar Meditation is based on the Divine Blueprints of Man's Chakra system. This system tells us that there exists a non-physical pillar of energy Chakras through out your body. Each on of these Chakras can be considered to be a sphere about the size of basket ball.

There are Five of these Chakras. One, the Crown Chakra exists about four inches above your head. The Second Chakra is your Throat Chakra. Third is Heart and Solar Plexis Chakras. Fourth is your Genital Chakras, and Fifth is your Ground Chakra where your feet touch the Earth. Connecting all these Chakras is a hollow tube. This tube connects the Crown Chakras with the Neck Chakras. The Neck chakra with the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra with the Genital Chakra, the Genital Chakra with the Ground Chakra. This is the Divine Blueprint of Man's energy system. When someone says, "Thy will, not my will be done." it is not a religious prayer. It is an understanding that you live your life according to the energies of the the Divine blueprints, and not the energies of Man made false blueprints. These are what is causing all the pain and suffering in the world. By starting a daily practice of Middle Pillar Healing meditation, you will be recreating your physical, mental and emotional energy bodies congruent to your Divine Blueprint. You will be amazed how your life will change once you start to keep the Life-Force flowing throughout your five Chakras. Take care of your Life-Force flow and the world you attract around yourself will take care of itself.

Remember, "The kingdom of Heaven (health, wealth and love) is within. Your individual "within" creates your individual "without." Let's get started: In the morning before you go out to work is the best time to do your Middle Pillar Healing Meditation. But any time of the day will work. Remember also, repetition is Heaven's first Law. Middle Pillar Healing Meditation: Sit comfortably in your favorite chair and breathe slowly and deeply. Now start your meditation by visualizing your Middle Pillar Chakra system as described above.

Visualize a basket ball size sphere about 4" above your head. This is your Crown Chakra. The reason it does not touch your head is because it is also connected to the non-physical world of the quantum ocean. Now visualize a basket back sized sphere at your throat area. Now a basket ball size sphere at your heart and solar plexus area. Now a basket ball size sphere at your genital area. Now a basket ball size sphere at your feet or ground area. You now have visualized the 5 spheres of your middle pillars.

Now start to visualize a 3" tube running from head to feet. It starts with the Crown chakra and goes to the throat chakra. Then from the throat chakra to the heart chakra. They from the heart chakra to the genital chakra. From the genital chakra to the ground chakra. You mow have visualized an empty Middle Pillar Matrix within your body. Let us fill it will healing white energy. Start with the Crown Chakra. Visualize it filling with dynamic, healing, vibrating, sparkling, pulsating white energy. It sparkles like a fourth of July sparkler. Now start the flow.

The healing white energy starts to flow down the 3" throat chakra. The throat chakra now filled ups with healing, sparkling, pulsating, dynamic white healing energy. When the throat chakra is filled it starts down the 3" tube to the heart chakra. The heart chakra fills with powerful healing, pulsating, dynamic, white healing light energy. When the heart chakra is full the energy flows down the 3" tube to the genital chakra. The genital chakra fills with the powerful, pulsating, dynamic, sparkling white healing energy. When the genital chakra is full it starts to flow down the 3" tube to the ground chakra. The ground chakra fills with dynamic, powerful, pulsating healing white light energy. You now have a powerful Complete Middle Pillar Energy Chakra matrix slowing and pulsating with white healing energy. Bathe in it for a minute. Enjoy the feeling of powerful energy flowing through the middle of your body.

Now the Rings on Energy.

From the Crown chakra a stream of white healing pulsating energy starts to pour out and down the left side of your body. It is about 3" wide. It is pulsating and vibrating. This 3" ribbon flows down the left side of your face. Down your neck, your shoulder, your left arm, our hip, your thigh, your knee, your leg all the way down to your left ankle. Then this 3" ribbon of healing white light goes under your foot and up the right ankle. Then the right leg, thigh, elbow, arm, shoulder, neck side of head and into the Crown chakra. You have a 3" ring of white healing, pulsating, dynamic healing white light circling your body from left to right. From your Crown chakra down under your feet and up to the Crown chakra again.

Now a second ring of healing energy. A 2" ribbon of white healing light starts out of your Crown chakra and starts to flow down the front of your body. Down your forehead, your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin, your neck, your chest, your stomach, your genitals, your thighs, your knees, your legs all the way down to your feet. This 3" ribbon of white healing, pulsating, sparkling white light goes under your feet and starts up the back at your ankles. Then the back of your legs, your thighs, your buttocks, into the bottom of you spine at the coccyx, Up the spine and out the medulla oblangata to the Crown chakra. You now have two powerful rings around your body. One from left to right and one from front to back. Sit there and bask in the energy of the middle pillar with the 5 sparkling, pulsating spheres and the 3" tube down the center. Then feel the energy of the 2 rings as they spin around your body from front to back and left to right.

Now from the ground chakra a 3" ribbon of whit healing light starts to wrap itself around your ankles. It is like an ace bandage and starts to wrap you like a right mummies bandage. The 3" ribbon wraps your legs, your thighs, your buttocks and genitals. Your lower back, your back, your chest, your arms, your shoulders, your neck your face and head and into the Crown chakra. You are tightly wrapped in a 3" ribbon of powerful, pulsating, healing white light. You have your middle pillar of 5 spheres, your 3" tube down the center of your body, one ring going left to right around your body and one ring going front to back. Now a complete wrap of energy. Stop a minute and feel this pulsating, powerful dynamic white light energy flowing all around the outside and inside your body. Now visualize a stream of powerful, healing, dynamic, white light energy starting out of your ground chakra and rushing up through the tube to your genital chakra, then up the tube to your heart chakra, then op the tube to your Crown chakra.

This powerful stream of healing, white dynamic light bursts out of the top of your Crown chakra and and forms a fountain of energy. This white haling energy now cascades down your whole body washing every inch of your body with white, healing, dynamic, pulsating energy. You are literally taking a shower in white, healing, energy. When you are completely soaked in the energy... Now with the power of your will push this energy out from your body till it forms a shell. This shell should be about 3-4 inches around your body. It conforms to your body exactly. You are sitting in the middle of this shell. Now the shell fills up with white, healing, pulsating, dynamic, energy. You are siting in a shell filled with white dynamic, healing energy. Soaked in it for a minute or two.

Then intone or out load say:


Take a deep breath. Do this three times. You now have white healing light in every cell in your body. HEALING WILL BEGIN. Remember ½ hour a day. My next article I will share with you how to add the healing colors of the rainbow to the meditation.

How to Give a Reiki Healing

During a Reiki treatment the client lays down fully clothed in a quiet safe space, meditative gentle music is very useful in creating a nice environment. You should make sure that you are not going to be disturbed for the length of the session. So make sure that the phone is switched of and you will not be having any interruptions.

Make sure that your client is warm and comfortable, a mattress on the floor makes a good treatment area but make sure that you can get all around your client and wont make yourself stiff by bending to much. Have some towels or blankets to hand, you may find your Client gets cold as they deeply relax.

You can then state your intention to give a healing session, for example: I intend to give (name) a Reiki Healing, I ask that all energies flow for the Highest Good in accordance with Divine Will.

You can then sit quietly for a moment, draw your Reiki symbol ('s), place your hands in the
prayer position and imagine the healing energy entering your crown chakra moving down to your heart and flowing down to your palms.

You can then begin by placing your hands in the positions listed and holding them there for 3-5 minutes. Or you may wish to use your intuition and move your hands wherever your inner knowing guides you. If you are sensitive you may feel a warmth or tingling sensation your hands. When the sensations subside a little you can then move to the next position.

Generally, placing the hands on the Clients body produces warmth or heat and holding the hands above the body produces feeling of tingling, movement, gentle motion or expansion. However this is only a very general guideline, and what ever your Client experiences will be perfect for them.

The more you can step aside from the Ego, and enter a Heart Centered Space, the more powerful the results will be. We only act as channels for the Divine Creator, The Divine Intelligence, or the Power of Unconditional Love.

Try to be as quiet as you can and see if you can get a sense of where to place your hands, the person may have a weak area that needs more energy. Try to let your intuition guide you, and to feel what is happening with the sensations. To finish a Reiki treatment session you may like to sweep you hands slowly down the Clients aura, starting at the crown and moving slowly down the body towards the feet. Do this three times. Make sure that your Client is fully grounded before they get up and move about. It is good practice to offer a small snack i.e a biscuit or similar and a warm drink before the Client leaves, this helps with grounding back into everyday reality.

The more practice that you get the easier it will be, so try to share Reiki treatments as often as you can.
It is very helpful to keep records of all your healing sessions. You might want to keep a spiritual journal detailing your Reiki journey. In it you can record all your feelings and experiences as your Reiki path unfolds.

Crystal Healing - An Introduction

Energy and Protection

Everything in the physical world is made up of energy and information. Energy vibrates at different frequencies but we are unable to see this energy because it is vibrating too fast for us. Because our senses are too slow for these vibrations, we only receive chunks of information that allows us to perceive the chair we are sitting on, our body, other people and so on.

When you walk into a room and it feels like you can 'cut the atmosphere with a knife', this is referred to as negative energy and likewise, if you go to a party, you hopefully will feel excitement in the air - or positive energy.

In the same way, when we open up our energy centres in healing, meditation, prayer, visualisation or working with crystals, we are attracting energy vibrations to us (negative as well as positive). It is therefore necessary that we protect ourselves from the negative energy.


Grounding is important to perform before you start to work with your crystals as it keeps you in touch with your earthly surroundings. Working with crystals will take you onto a higher plane and when you finish your work, if you have not grounded yourself beforehand, you may experience a floating feeling and be emotional (like a healing curve) as you have opened yourself up and could be susceptible to other's negativity.

To ground yourself, take three depth breaths, sitting with feet firmly on the ground and visualise that there are roots extending from the bottom of your feet. They are growing down through the floor, through the earth and right down through to the centre of the earth to ensure that you are fully grounded. To test your grounding, try to lift your foot from the floor. If you find this difficult, you know you have grounded yourself correctly.


Dear Universe I ask that you surround me with the pure white light of your divine being. Remove me from all negative vibrations to be dispersed in the universe without harm to any living thing. Please place me in my own golden bubble of complete absolute protection.


Visualise yourself standing in a pink bubble and know that nothing can penetrate this bubble only divine white light and unconditional love.

White is the colour of divine protection and pink is the colour of unconditional spirit love.

Cleansing and Blessing your Crystals

There are many ways that crystals can be cleansed. However, not all crystals can be placed in water without being damaged so it is important that you are careful about the way you cleanse your crystals.

When crystals are obtained from Interactions all manual cleansing has been done. If your crystals were obtained elsewhere then you will have to cleanse them yourself.

With so much pollution and dust in the atmosphere, it is advised that a baby's hairbrush is used to brush the crystals, which not only removes the dust but also gently stimulates the crystal at the same time.

Crystals also need to be blessed before use. Once the crystal has been manually cleansed the following prayer is required so that the crystal is ready to work with you.

A Blessing

Dear Universe I give thanks to mother earth for giving these crystals up for the benefit of mankind. I ask that the crystals be blessed to release all negative vibrations to the universe to be dispersed without harm to any living thing.

Working with Crystals

Before working with your crystals follow the basic steps:

1. Protect and ground yourself

2. Cleanse and bless the crystal

3. Centre yourself by sitting with your eyes shut and concentrate on your breathing for a few moments.

If working with a single crystal, hold the crystal in your right hand with any point on the crystal towards your fingers, asking that you release all negative vibrations without harm to any living thing.

Now place the crystal into your left hand with the point towards your wrist and ask for the specific help you require. Work with the crystal in each hand for at least ten minutes.

Crystal Healing Techniques

Explore Your Crystal

When you first acquire a new crystal you should spend time exploring it. You will find that this develops your sensitivity to its energy field.

Step 1 Look at your crystal from different angles, close your eyes and hold it in both hands noting any thoughts you have.

Step 2 Hold the crystal in both hands and breath in imagining the air entering through the crystal and gently breath out over the crystal so that you have a cycle of breath going through the crystal, thus building energy.

Step 3 Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on the colour you can see, how the crystal feels in your palms and sense any vibrations or thoughts that cross your mind.

Step 4 Lie down and place the crystal on your solar plexus and sense how it feels, again visualise the colour of the crystal, the shape and any thoughts you pick up on.

Do this again with the crystal on your third eye, notice any changes.

Meditations - A Simple Healing Meditation Practice

The role of meditation in essence is to assist you in maintaining your mind and body. The power of our mind is often overlooked in Western Society where as in other parts of the world like Asia, they recognize the power of the mind to assist in healing your body. This meditation is one that you can use to simply help heal you body. I should note that it is not a substitute for other medical assistance, but should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.

The first part of this meditation is to get you into the meditation position. For this meditation either the seated meditation position or sitting on a chair will be appropriate. I also recommend for this meditation that you use Baroque Style Meditation music played at 60 beats per minute as we want your brain to be in its optimum mode to help with the healing process.

Whilst you are seated make sure that your back is straight, shoulders straight and your head should be upright. This will ensure that you can breathe clearly through your nose. Begin the healing meditation with simple breathing meditation that is light breathing out through your nose. As you are doing this clear your mind of yours thoughts. Once you have got to the required state of relaxation it is now time to begin the Healing Meditation.

In your minds eye, open your mind to you being seated by a beautiful flowing stream with the most brilliant colors of green around you. You should feel the sun touching your face so gently. As your mind is opening your imagination you should feel the stress and pain in your body slowly sink away into the ground. As that tension and stress flows into the ground, you should feel renewed energy fill the void of that tension.

Now the healing can begin. As the tension and stress slips away and the new energy comes into your body, focus that energy on parts of your body that have been in pain or hurting. Feel the energy encapsulate those points of pain and the healing to begin. To help you further with the healing process, now put your feet into the stream. Feel the rushing water pass by and the tension flow away.

Continue this meditation till you feel refreshed and vibrant. When you come out of the meditation session spend a few minutes sitting on the flow or in the meditation position you chose and simply feel the renewed energy in your body. This meditation technique is worth doing at least once a week to help you renew the energy in your body.

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation Helps to De-Stress

Many of us treat headaches and depression very lightly and most probably ignore them. But with time these problems increase causing both physical and mental problems. Meditation is a natural method that is practiced to reduce stress and make the mind healthy. In Guided Meditation a CD is designed that guide a person to find ways for incorporating healthy habits so that one can achieve a peaceful state of mind. One just needs to relax and follow the instructions. These instructions if followed properly will help to become centered and calm Guided meditation is very suitable for a busy lifestyle. Especially for the beginners who face many difficulties in concentrating, Guided Meditation is the best option.

Guided Meditation assists a person to concentrate on oneself so that one can achieve inner peace. After the meditation you will feel refreshed and peaceful. This not helps you to relax your body but also help to achieve spiritual growth.

Meditation helps to attain a peaceful state of mind so that stress can be reduced. In mindfulness meditation you need to become more aware of your surroundings. As you become aware with the help of mindfulness meditation you will also become aware of the complicated issues to be faced in life. In mindfulness meditation you have to sit in a quite room and relax. In mindfulness meditation there is target on which you have to concentrate. One has to focus on the object for the attention. But it is not important that the object has to be a single thing, every aspect of life can be used. You will become an observer and try to focus on every thing you notice. Even a person's breath can be the object for concentration. There are no distractions, as whatever comes to the mind can be used as an object to focus on. In this way you will not fail in this practice. Once a person is able to concentrate on a particular object one will notice that the body and the mind start getting relaxed.

Ten Types of Effective Meditation

There are many different meditation types to choose from. There are relatively simple techniques, to others that require years to achieve. Some allow you to sit any way you want, others require you to bend and hold a certain position for a period of time. While each person is different and one technique may work for some and not others, here is a list of ten different types of meditation that can help you get started.

One of the first kinds of meditation is deep breathing exercises. It is simple, easy to do, and is often used before actually starting meditation. While there are some different ways you can do these exercises, one of the basic one is to breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth, filling your lungs and exhaling slowly and with purpose. Some experience a light headed state, and this is normal because the oxygen level in your body is much more than usual.

Simple meditation is perhaps another easy meditation, especially for those just starting out. You simple choose a peaceful setting where ever you happen to be, a grove of trees, a small area in your home, some people even use their vehicle. Here you just sit and spend up to twenty minutes in silent contemplation. As you gain more control, you can extend this period as long as you want.

Some people have trouble just letting go and sit in silence for a period of time. Another effective technique is the Category concentration technique. This can help you focus your attention more on a certain aspect you want to improve on or contemplate. For an example if you wanted to lose weight, then you would think about ways you can do this. What ways you can eat better, or get some exercise that doesn't feel like it.
Journey meditation is a type where in order to achieve better state of mind you have to use visualization. Picturing yourself achieving your goals, whether it is to have a family, be wealthy, or in good health. You visualize driving that car you've always wanted for an example.

Vibrational meditation is also very effective. This is where you concentrate on a certain work or sound, allowing the vibrations to pass into and through your body. You have to concentrate on repeating this sound or word again and again to achieve a better level of consciousness.

There is also healing meditation, although it is called many different things including body scan. In this method the idea is to focus your thoughts on certain parts of your body, or an ailment you may have. In many cases people that practice this also do research on what is wrong with them, but you don't always have to. For an example, if you have a broken leg, or a surgery, you would focus your energy and thoughts on the bones mending together, becoming stronger, and leaving no scars.

Movement meditation involves the movement of the body, with gentle movements and easy breathing. Moving to the beat of music, dancing, and even singing are all allowed and even encouraged. It doesn't matter if you know how to do these, just getting into the flow of it helps to release stress and anxiety.

There is also the pond technique, and this can be quite helpful for a number of different problems that are going on in your life. You simply sit in a quiet place, with your eyes closed, picturing a serene pond in front of you. It is full of pebbles, each representing a thought or a feeling that is negative. You take out these pebbles one by one setting them aside. You also want to put back good pebbles, ones that represent good things that are going on in your life.

Yoga is also an effective form of meditation for some people. It involves a certain level of commitment, because it requires you to bend and hold your body in different positions for a period of time. Some people find Yoga very effective and beneficial.

These are just some meditation types to choose from. It is a good idea to go online, there are an abundance of resources available. It is important that you find a technique that works the best for your needs, and keep trying if one doesn't work.

Maintain Holistic Health by Practicing 2 Step Reiki Healing Meditation Exercise

For holistic good health it is necessary for us to maintain a high level of life force energy or prana. This can be achieved through a combination of Reiki healing and meditation exercises which generate the right balance between the mind and the body.

All alternative therapies including Reiki healing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Quantum Touch prescribe various forms of physical and mental exercises to calm and relieve our minds. Meditation is recognized as an essential aspect of all alternative healing techniques.

In this article I am going to explain in detail a two in one reiki healing meditation technique which effectively combines the powers of both reiki and meditation. Due to the synergy generated by the blend of meditation and reiki you stand to gain both physically and mentally by performing this exercise.

1.Hold your hands slightly above your chest in a prayer position. You should be able to feel your exhaled breath at the point where the top of your middle fingers representing the fire element meet the hands joined together.

2.Concentrate on that point and let go of all other thoughts. Although difficult if you try it is possible to stay focused on the said point. Do not be overenthusiastic and chase away the stray thoughts. Be conscious of the stray thoughts and make attempts to release them and return to your said focus point by pressing the two middle fingers against each other.

Practice this simple Reiki meditation exercise for 15 minutes every day. It is very useful in calming our minds and clearing our thoughts. As a result you will be able to think better and sleep better.

There are a number of such simple Reiki healing techniques which you can easily practice by becoming a Reiki Master. I discovered the powers of this amazing alternative therapy and its benefits that I was depriving myself of only after obtaining my online Reiki Master Certification.

Get a Mindfulness Meditation Mp3 and Take Help of Guided Mindfulness Meditation

After learning about the various benefits that meditation can provide you. You must be thinking about hoe to start with the practice. So there is no need to worry if you have no one to guide you. You can use the Mindfulness Meditation Mp3 that is easily available in the market. These MP3s are very helpful especially for the beginners. People these days lead a very stressful life and try to gain serenity by whatever way they can. Meditation can be every good way of actually attaining peace and tranquility. Suppose if you buy the MP3 and don't practice meditation regularly then it will be of no use. So, regular practice is necessary. The Mindfulness Meditation Mp3 gives you the opportunity to learn the basic steps of meditation and to practice them at home as well. The language of the Mindfulness Meditation Mp3 is easy to understand as these are designed in such a way that can be understood by people easily. You can either buy these MP3s from the market or you can download a trail version from different websites that offer such free downloads.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation is the type of meditation that can help you to observe your own mind. You have to be totally aware of yourself and also your surrounding but when you are making yourself aware keep in mind that you need to focus only on the present. All the worries and tensions pertaining to your past and the future should be completely avoided in Guided Mindfulness Meditation. You need to wipe away all the negative thoughts that can cause distractions. You can begin the practice by just searching for a quiet and peaceful place where you can sit and concentrate. Then after positioning yourself you just need to relax and try to drive away all the distractions form your mind in Guided Mindfulness Meditation. Just let your mind concentrate only on the immediate present. When you concentrate you can let other thoughts come and go but you should only concentrate on your main object of concentration. Even if you feel distracted then try and shift your focus back to the object on which you were focusing earlier.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is one of the top-10 alternative therapies used by the U. S. population. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that 8% of Americans use meditation as a health tool. No longer just for Buddhist monks and New-Age types, meditation is now appealing to mainstream business professionals, medical doctors and even health care companies. This is a result of the growing evidence which supports that meditation can promote physical healing.

Meditation may be spiritual for some, but the practice is not necessarily religious in nature. There are many meditative approaches but regardless of the technique, medical research indicates that the practice of meditation tends to evoke a state of physiological relaxation: blood pressure drops, heart beats slower and breathing is quieter, other biochemical changes can also occur. Scientists do not understand why the changes happen but understanding the physical effects can explain the potential health benefits of meditation.

Twenty minutes of daily meditation can provide relief for ailments such as low back pain, headaches, depression and anxiety. Suffers of these chronic conditions should attempt to incorporate the meditation practice into their daily routine. If meditation can lower blood pressure, it could be a useful tool in helping patients with hypertension. If scientists uncover exactly how meditation works to relieve these symptoms, they may be able to apply that understanding to treat a variety of other disorders.

Research on meditation began back in the late 1960s. Herbert Benson, MD, began studying the physiological impact of Transcendental Meditation on individuals. In recent years, the scope of studies has focused on how the practice can reduce symptoms of chronic illnesses from cardiovascular disease to cancer. Critics indicate some of the research is been on small study populations and has not had adequate control groups for comparison. But some studies have shown promising results.

Meditation can relax the body. Promote more restful sleep and boost the body's immune system. This will help fight illness and better manage the symptoms of chronic conditions. Meditation can relax the mind and help us better deal with the stress of our daily lives. The popular interest in meditation and its health benefits may help drive more research in the future.

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