Maintain Holistic Health by Practicing 2 Step Reiki Healing Meditation Exercise

For holistic good health it is necessary for us to maintain a high level of life force energy or prana. This can be achieved through a combination of Reiki healing and meditation exercises which generate the right balance between the mind and the body.

All alternative therapies including Reiki healing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Quantum Touch prescribe various forms of physical and mental exercises to calm and relieve our minds. Meditation is recognized as an essential aspect of all alternative healing techniques.

In this article I am going to explain in detail a two in one reiki healing meditation technique which effectively combines the powers of both reiki and meditation. Due to the synergy generated by the blend of meditation and reiki you stand to gain both physically and mentally by performing this exercise.

1.Hold your hands slightly above your chest in a prayer position. You should be able to feel your exhaled breath at the point where the top of your middle fingers representing the fire element meet the hands joined together.

2.Concentrate on that point and let go of all other thoughts. Although difficult if you try it is possible to stay focused on the said point. Do not be overenthusiastic and chase away the stray thoughts. Be conscious of the stray thoughts and make attempts to release them and return to your said focus point by pressing the two middle fingers against each other.

Practice this simple Reiki meditation exercise for 15 minutes every day. It is very useful in calming our minds and clearing our thoughts. As a result you will be able to think better and sleep better.

There are a number of such simple Reiki healing techniques which you can easily practice by becoming a Reiki Master. I discovered the powers of this amazing alternative therapy and its benefits that I was depriving myself of only after obtaining my online Reiki Master Certification.