Crystal Healing - An Introduction

Energy and Protection

Everything in the physical world is made up of energy and information. Energy vibrates at different frequencies but we are unable to see this energy because it is vibrating too fast for us. Because our senses are too slow for these vibrations, we only receive chunks of information that allows us to perceive the chair we are sitting on, our body, other people and so on.

When you walk into a room and it feels like you can 'cut the atmosphere with a knife', this is referred to as negative energy and likewise, if you go to a party, you hopefully will feel excitement in the air - or positive energy.

In the same way, when we open up our energy centres in healing, meditation, prayer, visualisation or working with crystals, we are attracting energy vibrations to us (negative as well as positive). It is therefore necessary that we protect ourselves from the negative energy.


Grounding is important to perform before you start to work with your crystals as it keeps you in touch with your earthly surroundings. Working with crystals will take you onto a higher plane and when you finish your work, if you have not grounded yourself beforehand, you may experience a floating feeling and be emotional (like a healing curve) as you have opened yourself up and could be susceptible to other's negativity.

To ground yourself, take three depth breaths, sitting with feet firmly on the ground and visualise that there are roots extending from the bottom of your feet. They are growing down through the floor, through the earth and right down through to the centre of the earth to ensure that you are fully grounded. To test your grounding, try to lift your foot from the floor. If you find this difficult, you know you have grounded yourself correctly.


Dear Universe I ask that you surround me with the pure white light of your divine being. Remove me from all negative vibrations to be dispersed in the universe without harm to any living thing. Please place me in my own golden bubble of complete absolute protection.


Visualise yourself standing in a pink bubble and know that nothing can penetrate this bubble only divine white light and unconditional love.

White is the colour of divine protection and pink is the colour of unconditional spirit love.

Cleansing and Blessing your Crystals

There are many ways that crystals can be cleansed. However, not all crystals can be placed in water without being damaged so it is important that you are careful about the way you cleanse your crystals.

When crystals are obtained from Interactions all manual cleansing has been done. If your crystals were obtained elsewhere then you will have to cleanse them yourself.

With so much pollution and dust in the atmosphere, it is advised that a baby's hairbrush is used to brush the crystals, which not only removes the dust but also gently stimulates the crystal at the same time.

Crystals also need to be blessed before use. Once the crystal has been manually cleansed the following prayer is required so that the crystal is ready to work with you.

A Blessing

Dear Universe I give thanks to mother earth for giving these crystals up for the benefit of mankind. I ask that the crystals be blessed to release all negative vibrations to the universe to be dispersed without harm to any living thing.

Working with Crystals

Before working with your crystals follow the basic steps:

1. Protect and ground yourself

2. Cleanse and bless the crystal

3. Centre yourself by sitting with your eyes shut and concentrate on your breathing for a few moments.

If working with a single crystal, hold the crystal in your right hand with any point on the crystal towards your fingers, asking that you release all negative vibrations without harm to any living thing.

Now place the crystal into your left hand with the point towards your wrist and ask for the specific help you require. Work with the crystal in each hand for at least ten minutes.

Crystal Healing Techniques

Explore Your Crystal

When you first acquire a new crystal you should spend time exploring it. You will find that this develops your sensitivity to its energy field.

Step 1 Look at your crystal from different angles, close your eyes and hold it in both hands noting any thoughts you have.

Step 2 Hold the crystal in both hands and breath in imagining the air entering through the crystal and gently breath out over the crystal so that you have a cycle of breath going through the crystal, thus building energy.

Step 3 Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on the colour you can see, how the crystal feels in your palms and sense any vibrations or thoughts that cross your mind.

Step 4 Lie down and place the crystal on your solar plexus and sense how it feels, again visualise the colour of the crystal, the shape and any thoughts you pick up on.

Do this again with the crystal on your third eye, notice any changes.