Being in the Void (During the Healing Process)

The Void is a very difficult place to be during the healing process. It is the place where you feel connected to nothing, where you don't know who you are anymore, where you can feel alone and confused. Sound familiar? This is a crucial time because it's very easy to want to run for cover behind old patterns and ways of being.

It doesn't usually last that long, but if you don't know what is going on, you will be scared. During this time, it is important to use all of your spiritual practices, whatever they may be. It is the time to pray, meditate, exercise, rest, read, journal, sleep, watch movies or whatever else keeps you on track.

When in the Void, it is important to shield your energy. You are very vulnerable right now. You are not connected to the old parts of you that may help protect you right now, and you are not yet fully rooted in the new parts of you where your confidence and strength will be present. You are like a snake shedding old skin while sitting out in the sun on a nice warm day... irritable, testy, and ready to lash out at anyone who crosses your path! The Void presents a wonderful time to retreat.

Know that whatever feelings may be coming up for you in the Void are old, so that is also why it can feel so disconcerting. You may think, why is this coming up? I thought I had already worked through this. This feels old to me. Yes, it is! So don't attach to those feelings or try to control them. Just allow them to release and give yourself as much loving kindness as possible. The less you resist, the quicker and smoother the transition.

Trust your own inner guidance as to what will help you during this time. Don't judge what you are feeling guided to do. You may be guided to try something that you never thought about trying before that will fill your soul with light and peace. Trust that you are being surrounded with love and support during these times. This too shall pass!