Finding Peace Through Meditation - An Experiment

Meditation is a practice of mental focus and finding peace throughout our daily lives requires a concentrated living. What you can do through exercising your available senses in a focused direction can lead to not only a peaceful life, but also a pro-active way towards approaching difficult situations. Try the following experiment.

It begins with self-awareness and continues through meditation. A game that parents can play with their developing child involved placing different colored (non-toxic and water-soluble) paint on his/her arms and legs in the bath to teach self-awareness as the discovers his/her own body as he/she paints it. Likewise, as an adult you can discover yourself by paying attention to your body as you experience different emotions throughout your day.

Body language yields great amounts of information about what is going on and our emotions show up differently. Happiness lends smiles like frustration gives frowns. Strong emotions lead toward more tell-tale signs. For example: As you experience extreme happiness, you laugh and with sadness, sobbing. These emotions are hard to control so begin by observing signs from an emotion that is easier to control: anxiety. When you are feeling impatient and find yourself anxiously waiting in line, waiting for a phone call or while listening to someone or whatever the case may be, consciously observe your own body. Think about your posture and movements you have and then try to think about the language you are communicating. Does this help you achieve the goal of whatever you are participating in? Then try any of the following and after doing so re-evaluate how you feel.

Change your posture by holding still, sitting or standing straight. Close your mouth, and breathe through your nose. Breathe slowly. Stretch if there is room. Hold your hands at your side, in front of, or behind you.

Concentrate on where you are and what your body is doing. If you can control it you are on your way towards controlling your emotions too.

Magical Remote Healing - A Fascinating Case Study

I have been practicing magical remote healing for a number of years, and am frequently astounded by the results that are produced. I recently worked on a case that was remarkable in that healing occurred despite the subject's long-standing disbelief in magic, prayer, and healing not assisted by a physician.

Case History Prior to Remote Healing

The man I worked on had suffered from colon cancer. Having undergone chemotherapy and radiation, the man also went in for surgery and had all but one foot of his large intestine removed to excise the cancerous tissue. This left him with very little function in his large intestine (since a healthy large intestine is normally five feet in length).

With the help of my Spirit guides and totems, I began working on this man. He told me that he was a confirmed atheist, and asked whether belief in remote healing or magic was necessary. I told him that while belief in magic was always useful, simply being receptive to the remote healing was all that was necessary. He replied that he would try, but that he was a firm disbeliever.

Magic and Remote Healing Techniques

I used magical healing techniques on this man for 26 weeks. Each morning I would invite this man's Spirit to my healing meditation. I examined his large intestine (colon) remotely and confirmed that they had removed all but a short portion of it. I then used a combination of magical and dowsing techniques to "regrow" much of his large intestine. As I worked on him through the weeks, I could see his large intestine gaining in length. Although the techniques are too complex to cover in this short article, you can get a great overview of some of the techniques I used at the Ozark Research Institute website.

The Results of the Remote Healing

While I have seen amazing results in many remote healing cases, what makes this case so remarkable is the documentation of the results by physicians in the western medical tradition. This man went in for additional surgery on his colon. After the surgery, the doctor reported that the man's small intestine had increased its length by three times, and appeared to be performing the functions of the missing portion of his large intestine.

When the man reported these results to me, I asked him whether he felt it was possible that the magic healing work had contributed to this result. His answer? "It's possible."

And indeed it is possible. Self-healing and remote healing are very possible in the world of magic. One thing I've learned in my years of practicing these techniques is that a main factor of success is persistence. If you engage in remote or self-healing, don't be discouraged if results don't show up right away. I worked on the man described in this case for 26 weeks. What gave me the perseverance to do so was my experience that consistently performing the remote healing techniques over a long period of time produces result. I didn't work on this man for long each day -- perhaps 20 minutes -- but I did work on him every day. I am pleased to have been a participant in this man's healing, and I hope this case will inspire you to consider how remote and self-healing might be possible in your life.

Discover More About Self-Healing

If you are strongly interested in remote healing, I suggest you investigate workshops offered by the Ozark Research Institute. I am in no way affiliated with this institute, but I have been a participant in their workshops and have gained hugely by doing so. The work is led by Harold McCoy, a thoroughly practical and engaging man who has much to teach.

In addition, if you are interested in learning a far deeper level of magical and remote healing, check out the comprehensive Basic Magic class and other magical goodies in the resource box below.

New Way of Healing Chronic Health Issues in MINUTES!

As human beings we tend to get entrenched in habits and are caught up in routine ways of doing things. Understanding the different types of treatment available can lead to more appropriate choices based on the underlying health issues, and hence better results.

There are essentially several different ways you can heal the body. Basically three of these are:
1. Structurally. Whereby if you have a wound or injury of some sort, or even say a broken leg - this is attended to by use of a bandage or a cast. This type of healing treatment is at a basic physical level.

2. Chemically. As a society the majority of people are very used to "popping pills" for various different ailments. Generally we have come to accept it as the normal way of healing - that is through drugs. This is done essentially at a chemical level where drugs are determined to interact at biochemical levels with various different organs or tissue in the body. There are often side-effects from this method of treatment - which then lead to different symptoms. This of course leads to a greater dependency on more drugs.

3. Energetically. This is the New Way of healing. We are very used to energy being used in a diagnostic context, such as ultrasounds (using sound waves), x-rays (using light), MRI (using magnetism). Now sounds and frequencies can be used a step further whereby it is used to stimulate healing. After all we are all energy at an atomic level.

There have been several leading experts who have validated the use of frequency treatments in healing chronic conditions. They have lead in the area of understanding energy, and the role sound and vibration has in healing, a couple of these include Robert O'Becker, and Royal Rife.

Robert O'Becker conducted various experiments investigating the effect of current on living creatures. He suspected that electric fields played an important role for controlling the cell regeneration process, and therefore mapped the electric potentials at various body parts during the regeneration. This mapping showed that the central parts of the body normally was positive, and the limbs negative. He found that he could heal and cause regeneration of tissue through stimulation through electric currents.

The use of various frequencies for healing was described by Royal Rife, where different wave forms were shown to be very effective. In 1929 Rife describes his amazing accomplishments in an article which appears in the San Diego Union. The readers learn that "Rife... is evolving a new method that will do away with chemicals... The possibilities of this process once it is perfected, he believes, are boundless. Medical men... may in this one step find an end to much of human suffering. This is Rife's great aim."

Then in 1938 The San Diego Evening Tribune reports that Rife's "energy medicine" has successfully destroyed the microbes associated with cancer and other diseases. The newspaper articles are cautious but optimistic. The original article declares, "The discovery promised fulfilment of man's age-old hope for a specific destroyer of all his infectious diseases... Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer... Typhoid... Were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves... Rife commented, '...we can say that these waves or the ray has the power of devitalizing disease organisms."

Essentially, healing with energy is a very pure form of healing. There is no physical matter to interact with the cell and cause side effects and there is little to no adverse by-products. Energy input via this method of treatment creates a sense of well-being because it becomes integral to the cell, and diffuses throughout the body. Patients using frequency treatments often remark a greater sense of vitality, and the ability to focus and concentrate is generally heightened. The skin takes on a smoother texture and new cells generated are healthier and function at optimal levels, hence slowing down overall aging and degeneration.

So, you can eliminate chronic pain and discomfort and change your life with new methods of treatment with frequencies and without any side-effects - this comes through a deeper understanding of how your body truly works.

Spiritual Meditation: Expressing Lovingness

Spending time in meditation or other formal practice is excellent, it centers us and reminds us of our intentions. Bringing that practice into daily living extends those benefits both to all those we come into contact with, as well as accelerating our own spiritual evolution.

"Expressing Lovingness" is a guided meditation that can teach you to become the quality of love and doing so can reveal that you do not need someone or something outside of you to feel love. It is already present.

Use the meditation and discover this for yourself.

Extend the feeling, the quality of this healing meditation, in every area of your life, and let it teach you what you are.

Being loving takes no time out of your life and allows you to practice while still living in the everyday world.

Often we think of loving as having to do with something or someone. It is always triggered by an outside event or an outside person. Again, being the quality, takes that whole component out.

You can radiate the love that you are by using whatever it is that brings out lovingness in you. For example, I have a friend that has a brand new granddaughter and she is outrageously beautiful -- as are her grandsons. I'm sure that the birth is bringing up a lot of lovingness in her, in the mother, and in all the family, as a new being arrives in our world. But the "being" part of that is that you take away the baby, the idea that you have a new grandchild and you stay with the feeling the event triggers within you.

I want you to imagine -- think about -- something that makes you feel that loving, open, expansive feeling - just lovingness. It could be your beloved. It could be children. It could be reading a great book. It could be listening to poetry or music. It could be walking in the woods. It could be a focused meditation. Anything that brings up that feeling is fine. Bring it up. Bring it to your awareness. Close your eyes and feel it through your whole body; that wonderful feeling of lovingness.

Now drop the catalyst. Drop the focus you used to inspire the feeling to arise, whether it is being with a particular person or thing, in order to feel loving, and just be with the feeling.

Take a nice deep breath. Be with the feeling. The feeling is already there. The things you love only trigger it - the feeling is already present within you, and this practice of being the quality will show it to you every time.

Open your eyes and see if you can be as loving - see if you can feel that lovingness, the same way you could when you had them closed and then when you stopped thinking about whatever the catalyst was. You just beam it out. So you become the radiant quality of lovingness. It is already there. It has always been there. This practice will show you that this is true.

Binaural Beats Meditation - How Do These Beats Work to Shift Your Consciousness?

Binaural beat brainwave entrainment operates on the concept that the mind functions at different, distinct frequencies. These frequencies affect how your brain works, thereby affecting your thoughts which directly impact your life.

With binaural beat brainwave entrainment, brainwaves can be changed from being active to inactive and vice versa. For example, if you suffer from anxiety and fear on a continual basis, you can listen to a binaural beat that is set to cause the part of your brain which causes you to be anxious to become inactive. This, of course, will only be experienced through continual use. In essence, you are retraining your brain which is why this is called brainwave entrainment.

Some individuals select to listen to the beats for a very long period of time, while others meditate each day for thirty minutes. To get the best results, at least one half hour each day is recommended.

All of the beats are different, depending on the particular beat that you are listening to. Some of the beats are played along with music and others are not. As you pay attention to the audio, your brainwaves will gradually set themselves to function at the same exact level as the sound you are hearing. Your brain is then in sync with the sounds that you are hearing instead of being occupied by your roaming thoughts. This is when your level of consciousness is shifting.

Binaural beat brainwave entrainment can definitely be used to unlock your brains full potential without the use of drugs or harmful substances. This s a powerful form of meditation that has changed the lives of many and can be used effortlessly with phenomenal results.

How Learning Meditation Can Decrease Pain

It has been well documented that learning meditation techniques can reduce the pain associated with chronic and acute conditions. The body has a naturally inclined method of response to pain, as does the mind. With the strong connection to the mind, the body, and the spirit that pain can interrupt, learning meditation is a viable practice for pain management.

It's not that your pain is not real or that you can use the mind to overcome the pain without any medical treatment. It's that being in tune with all aspects of your mind and body you can actually start to help mediate pain by understanding its effects. There are many ways that this can happen, one of which is very obvious.

As a broad and extreme example, let's say the dentist is coming at your mouth with the drill sans Novocain. You know this is going to hurt and your body responds before the drill ever touches your tooth. Your muscles tense, your heart rate increases, you might sweat or become nauseated, and you are likely to quiver or shake.

On a smaller scale you body can react to all kind of pain with this same visceral reaction. Meditation can help you tune into those reactions, calm them, and help the muscles surrounding the pain loosen and relax some. This will automatically help your pain relax a bit.

Some people can get so good at tuning into their body through meditation that they can feel the smallest of adjustments and know immediately whether it was the right one to make. They can feel vertebrates move back and forth, ligaments stretch, and some say they can even feel their bones heal.

Meditation may or may not take you to an elevated level of self awareness. But it can help you recognize when your mind and spirit is making the physical pain you have much worse.

Meditation - Why And How To Do It

The benefits of daily meditation are many - stress management, a healthier body, a healthier mind, improved concentration, and an improved ability to live in the present.

By reducing the stress in your body, you help your immune system to keep you healthy. By practicing meditation daily you will feel more in control of the circumstances and situations you encounter. You will find you will react in a calmer reasoned manner.

Meditation is safe and simple. It is a way to be present in the now. You train your mind to focus on one thing in order to stop it thinking all the jumbled thoughts that usually flit through your mind - thoughts from your past and concerns about your future.

To begin a meditation, find a private place where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable in a chair, or lying on your bed or sitting on the floor - wherever you feel comfortable. You don't want discomfort to distract you.

You want to clear your mind of thoughts are flitting through it continually. Often a mantra is used as the focus point. It is best to use a word or phrase that has no emotional response within you. An example of an emotionally loaded word may be "love". A mantra that is neutral is sounding "Oh-oom", first out loud slowly with your out breath and then continue in your mind only. Sometimes a phrase from a foreign language; one that has no meaning to you but has a cadence that you find attractive, will work very well.

Another method is to focus on your breathing. Be very aware of your breath going in and out. Slowing the in and out of your breathing can have a very calming, relaxing effect.

You may find thoughts coming into your mind. Don't get annoyed with yourself - just bring your focus back to your mantra or on your breathing.

Ideally you want to get to your inner place where there are no thoughts distracting you and the focus on the mantra is no longer required. This can take a lot of practice but to be in that stillness within is to be with your soul. It is amazing and very spiritual.

Once you have incorporated 20 to 30 minutes of meditation into your daily regime, you will notice your day flows more smoothly and your concentration is improved. Even ten minutes daily will reduce any stress you may have.