Meditation in Color - How to Use Colors to Influence and Intensify Your Meditations

Using colors to help influence and intensify your meditations is highly recommended. Colors are very important to our moods and this can be used as a means to improve the overall outcome of your meditation practices. Colors carry energies which can be used to sharpen your focus in or on a particular matter.

The fact that color can increase our awareness subconsciously is downright amazing and not much of a secret. Its pretty widely known that certain colors can spawn specific emotions or ideas. People also use colors as a means of targeting decorative themes. This is exactly what you can do to amp up and increase the power of your meditations.

One thing you should be aware of is that there will be many conflicting opinions as to what certain colors bring out and represent. The best way to verify the true meaning of color by what moods it can bring out is by staying away from the New Age or Psychic realm.

This may sound a bit contradictory or even a little bias but I am just being honest. Many of the suggestions you will get will be very confusing due to the differences of opinion and specialty.

However, there is another reason which makes even more sense. Depending on the scale in which you would be working the meaning of the colors would change. For instance The king scale or the queen scale of colors are completely different. It just gets too confusing if your not deeply involved in the new age culture. So what I recommend is getting your information from an Interior designer.

Here is a very basic list in which to work with when using color in your meditations:

White - Is of course Holy, Purity, light, divinity, and enlightenment of the highest order.

Black - Is about confidence, protection, absorption of negativity, maturity in wisdom.

Gray - Brings balance, reliability, stability, and neutrality.

Red - Love of course! Enthusiasm, respect, energy, warmth, motivation, and strength.

Blue - Water, healing, meditation, tranquility, Loyalty to friends and sincerity of purpose.

Orange - Thoughtfulness, attraction, vitality, thoughts.

Purple - Is primarily a color of Royalty, leadership, status, power, leadership, and wisdom.

Green - Growth, earth, grounding, health, money, hope, and fertility.

Brown - Earth again, roots, honesty, dependability, friendship, simplicity, and again grounding.

Violet - Truth, memory, humility, intuition and comfort during grief or mourning.

Gold - Masculine, enlightenment, and sturdiness.

Silver - Femininity, Intuition, and flexibility.

When it comes to colors and spirituality it gets wildly complex and critically complicated. There are a number of variations on what color can incite what mood. However, everyone is unique and therefor the outcomes may be different. What I would suggest is to do a meditation that is completely designed to observe what colors affect you in what way.

Keep your mind as free and open as you can and then concentrate on each color separately. You can take on each color in a meditation individually. Allow the color to completely dominate or control your thoughts. Pay special attention the initial feelings you get from each color. Then keep a journal next to you and as soon as it is over write down your overall experiences with them.

The best advice that I know to give here is be honest with yourself and most importantly Have Fun! This is a way of exploring your inner self and learning more about who you are deep inside. There are not any right or wrong answers or outcomes and this can be very soothing to practice.