Finding Peace Through Meditation - An Experiment

Meditation is a practice of mental focus and finding peace throughout our daily lives requires a concentrated living. What you can do through exercising your available senses in a focused direction can lead to not only a peaceful life, but also a pro-active way towards approaching difficult situations. Try the following experiment.

It begins with self-awareness and continues through meditation. A game that parents can play with their developing child involved placing different colored (non-toxic and water-soluble) paint on his/her arms and legs in the bath to teach self-awareness as the discovers his/her own body as he/she paints it. Likewise, as an adult you can discover yourself by paying attention to your body as you experience different emotions throughout your day.

Body language yields great amounts of information about what is going on and our emotions show up differently. Happiness lends smiles like frustration gives frowns. Strong emotions lead toward more tell-tale signs. For example: As you experience extreme happiness, you laugh and with sadness, sobbing. These emotions are hard to control so begin by observing signs from an emotion that is easier to control: anxiety. When you are feeling impatient and find yourself anxiously waiting in line, waiting for a phone call or while listening to someone or whatever the case may be, consciously observe your own body. Think about your posture and movements you have and then try to think about the language you are communicating. Does this help you achieve the goal of whatever you are participating in? Then try any of the following and after doing so re-evaluate how you feel.

Change your posture by holding still, sitting or standing straight. Close your mouth, and breathe through your nose. Breathe slowly. Stretch if there is room. Hold your hands at your side, in front of, or behind you.

Concentrate on where you are and what your body is doing. If you can control it you are on your way towards controlling your emotions too.