Meditation - Why And How To Do It

The benefits of daily meditation are many - stress management, a healthier body, a healthier mind, improved concentration, and an improved ability to live in the present.

By reducing the stress in your body, you help your immune system to keep you healthy. By practicing meditation daily you will feel more in control of the circumstances and situations you encounter. You will find you will react in a calmer reasoned manner.

Meditation is safe and simple. It is a way to be present in the now. You train your mind to focus on one thing in order to stop it thinking all the jumbled thoughts that usually flit through your mind - thoughts from your past and concerns about your future.

To begin a meditation, find a private place where you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable in a chair, or lying on your bed or sitting on the floor - wherever you feel comfortable. You don't want discomfort to distract you.

You want to clear your mind of thoughts are flitting through it continually. Often a mantra is used as the focus point. It is best to use a word or phrase that has no emotional response within you. An example of an emotionally loaded word may be "love". A mantra that is neutral is sounding "Oh-oom", first out loud slowly with your out breath and then continue in your mind only. Sometimes a phrase from a foreign language; one that has no meaning to you but has a cadence that you find attractive, will work very well.

Another method is to focus on your breathing. Be very aware of your breath going in and out. Slowing the in and out of your breathing can have a very calming, relaxing effect.

You may find thoughts coming into your mind. Don't get annoyed with yourself - just bring your focus back to your mantra or on your breathing.

Ideally you want to get to your inner place where there are no thoughts distracting you and the focus on the mantra is no longer required. This can take a lot of practice but to be in that stillness within is to be with your soul. It is amazing and very spiritual.

Once you have incorporated 20 to 30 minutes of meditation into your daily regime, you will notice your day flows more smoothly and your concentration is improved. Even ten minutes daily will reduce any stress you may have.