Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

Is anxiety real and alive with you, and in you? Are you wondering if meditation to relieve anxiety would really give you any relief from anxiety and anxiety attacks?

Well, the answer is yes, meditation can give you relief because when practiced on a regular basis it will allow you a way to relax, calm your innermost self, hear your "thoughts" or mind chatter, and teach you how to gently dismiss the thoughts that are causing you to be anxious.

Is Meditation immediate relief for anxiety, I can hear you asking?

Absolutely not! But it is a permanent solution to many of life's emotional, mental, and physical problems.

Today's society continues to get faster, more crowded, more competitive, and noisier, as levels of stress, anxiety, and disease grow exponentially.

If you stop to really look at our world; how fast and noisy it is, you will understand quickly why we are so unhealthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The practice, or discipline of meditation gives you a way to take your entire being out of the rat race for a few minutes each day.

In this short time you give your "self" a time to rest very deeply, and this includes your mind, where anxiety originates.

Meditation to relieve anxiety, can be taught by masters, or you can simply read a little about it and become self taught.

It is a very private endeavor, and you will find that for those who want it, there is no end to how far you can go in your meditation exercises.

Meditation can be very simple, or you can spend your entire life learning new techniques, perhaps going to seminars and sitting with masters.

Meditation begins with learning to focus all of your attention on a single object, something, or maybe an idea, or thought.

In the process of doing this you come face to face with words, thoughts, memories, and projections into the future, that you probably had no idea was constantly going around in your head.

Each time you bring your focus to your intention, you find yourself off in another thought, and must bring your attention back again, and again, and again.

It is in this that you learn to not only hear what your mind is chattering about, but more importantly you learn that the thoughts are yours, the same as a piece of bread.

You can choose to have it, or discard it, but it is your decision! With thoughts, you must train yourself to have this choice.

Since anxiety originates in your mind with thoughts, and fears, the mind is the place to go for healing.

Meditation slows you down and allows you a few minutes to get to know yourself, and to rest, which allows you to de-stress. And if stress isn't the cause of your anxiety, it certainly turns it on for you.

No, it's not like giving yourself and your mind over to drugs and fast relief, but meditation to relieve anxiety will slowly change you, and those around you, forever.