New Way of Healing Chronic Health Issues in MINUTES!

As human beings we tend to get entrenched in habits and are caught up in routine ways of doing things. Understanding the different types of treatment available can lead to more appropriate choices based on the underlying health issues, and hence better results.

There are essentially several different ways you can heal the body. Basically three of these are:
1. Structurally. Whereby if you have a wound or injury of some sort, or even say a broken leg - this is attended to by use of a bandage or a cast. This type of healing treatment is at a basic physical level.

2. Chemically. As a society the majority of people are very used to "popping pills" for various different ailments. Generally we have come to accept it as the normal way of healing - that is through drugs. This is done essentially at a chemical level where drugs are determined to interact at biochemical levels with various different organs or tissue in the body. There are often side-effects from this method of treatment - which then lead to different symptoms. This of course leads to a greater dependency on more drugs.

3. Energetically. This is the New Way of healing. We are very used to energy being used in a diagnostic context, such as ultrasounds (using sound waves), x-rays (using light), MRI (using magnetism). Now sounds and frequencies can be used a step further whereby it is used to stimulate healing. After all we are all energy at an atomic level.

There have been several leading experts who have validated the use of frequency treatments in healing chronic conditions. They have lead in the area of understanding energy, and the role sound and vibration has in healing, a couple of these include Robert O'Becker, and Royal Rife.

Robert O'Becker conducted various experiments investigating the effect of current on living creatures. He suspected that electric fields played an important role for controlling the cell regeneration process, and therefore mapped the electric potentials at various body parts during the regeneration. This mapping showed that the central parts of the body normally was positive, and the limbs negative. He found that he could heal and cause regeneration of tissue through stimulation through electric currents.

The use of various frequencies for healing was described by Royal Rife, where different wave forms were shown to be very effective. In 1929 Rife describes his amazing accomplishments in an article which appears in the San Diego Union. The readers learn that "Rife... is evolving a new method that will do away with chemicals... The possibilities of this process once it is perfected, he believes, are boundless. Medical men... may in this one step find an end to much of human suffering. This is Rife's great aim."

Then in 1938 The San Diego Evening Tribune reports that Rife's "energy medicine" has successfully destroyed the microbes associated with cancer and other diseases. The newspaper articles are cautious but optimistic. The original article declares, "The discovery promised fulfilment of man's age-old hope for a specific destroyer of all his infectious diseases... Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer... Typhoid... Were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves... Rife commented, '...we can say that these waves or the ray has the power of devitalizing disease organisms."

Essentially, healing with energy is a very pure form of healing. There is no physical matter to interact with the cell and cause side effects and there is little to no adverse by-products. Energy input via this method of treatment creates a sense of well-being because it becomes integral to the cell, and diffuses throughout the body. Patients using frequency treatments often remark a greater sense of vitality, and the ability to focus and concentrate is generally heightened. The skin takes on a smoother texture and new cells generated are healthier and function at optimal levels, hence slowing down overall aging and degeneration.

So, you can eliminate chronic pain and discomfort and change your life with new methods of treatment with frequencies and without any side-effects - this comes through a deeper understanding of how your body truly works.